Abita Water Festival

November 5th at the Abita Springs Tourist Park.

The Abita Water Festival

For over a hundred years, People have flocked to Abita Springs to sip our free-flowing, artesian waters.  The Abita Springs Water Festival celebrates the water, culture and heritage that flows from one of Louisiana’s most unique towns. Proceeds benefit our local civic organizations who service our community.

Abita Springs — A beautiful, historic, and picturesque little town.

RESCHEDULED: Join us Sunday, November 5th from Noon until 5PM

at the Abita Springs Tourist Park.

We can’t wait to see you!





About Abita Springs

A short video about the town of Abita Springs:

Where nature performs miracles.

The Music

The Abita Springs Opry Presents:

The Melatauns

The Abitals

The Abita Stumps

Amadee Frederick


Also Happening

Abita Farmer’s Market (Craft, Art & food Vendors)

Dunking Booth

100,000 Poets for Change Reading

Children’s Arts and Crafts

Household Paint Recycling with The Green Project


Our Sponsors

The 2017 Abita Springs Water Festival is proudly sponsored by:

Abita Brew Pub
Town of Abita Springs
Abita Brewing Company
DISC of Louisiana


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